Verðandi (which means happening or present) is one of the norns from Viking mythology. Along with Urðr (the past) and Skuld (that which must be), the norns decide the fates (wyrd) of man, the gods and the world.

Verðandi is literally the present tense of the Old Norse verb verða and is commonly translated as “in the making” or “that which is happening or becoming.” It is related to the Dutch word worden and the German word werden, both meaning “to become.”


Norns Weaving Destiny
Norns weaving destiny, by Arthur Rackham (1912)


The three norns live by the Well of Urðr (Well of Fate.) They draw water from the well, mix it with the sand which lies around it and pour it over the Yggdrasil tree (Tree of Life), trying to prevent the branches from decaying.