Law of Psychic Demand

Briefly stated, psychic demand is an intense and confident demand which you not only think but feel that the Universal Forces shall bring to you any definitely conceived goods or welfare. The law of demand is this:

If you are striving for harmony of feeling, thought, will and conduct with the Universal System in which we live, you are entitled to call for and receive, as your inalienable right, any goods and welfare that you desire. If you do this with all the right-motives and complete faith, then those goods and welfare are surely yours since there is enough for everyone.

Psychic demand can be analyzed into the factors of Thought and Action. In other words, you can influence the future for goods and welfare.

Demand-thought claims welfare now and realizes more in the future. Appropriation activity, incessantly held, incessantly improving, will continuously create “channels” or “wires” along which the desired responses to the demands will be realized.

  • The demand must be intelligent and concentrated, and the activity must be unwearied, confident and consistent.

  • The demand must be clear and definite, not vague and indefinite.

  • The demand must be positive, not negative, doubtful or uncertain.

  • The demand must be single, one thing at a time; not variable or a jumble of things, A, B, and C.

  • The demand must be exclusive, not alternative: as this or that.

  • The demand must be reasonable, in the nature of things; not merely as you imagine.

  • The demand must be based on the elements of Nature, time, space, growth, power of self and human relations.
    It must not ignore real law.

  • The demand must issue from your deeper self. It must be felt, not merely expressed in words.

  • The demand will in time come to be a subconscious affair.

  • The demand must be persistent, not spasmodic.

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