Learn to Develop Magnetism

Every human being possesses a capacity for magnetic development, but not everyone is equally endowed. Some individuals are greatly magnetic by nature, but everyone is capable of developing their own latent powers.

Whether natural or developed, real and permanent magnetism resides in the subconscious self and manifests in the conscious self, just as energy is created in the boiler (the steam) and manifests in the engine.

The development of magnetism has to do with unfolding your latent subconscious forces so they dominate your conscious self and magnetically handle all your personal possessions; your body, your senses, your emotions, your thoughts and your actions.

Think of your soul like a battery. It is constantly storing and discharging power. Your ability to access, focus and use this power is determined by your ability to care for your battery, develop its capacity, adjust it to its surroundings and effectively use it to receive and discharge force.

Magnetism expresses itself in (as well as depends on) physical and psychic states and activities. These states and activities can be either conscious or unconscious.

When you attract a person without effort to that end, your magnetism is unconscious. When you put forth magnetic effort, it is of course, conscious. When you attract persons by the deliberate application of the methods of a system, your magnetism has become an art.

The Power Within will show you how to develop personal magnetism and train your personality for success. Its methods are direct and practical. They follow everyday experience and involve simply yourself, your powers and your environment.

All of these lost secrets were recovered from an ancient manuscript written over a hundred years ago. They have been updated and revised for a modern-day audience.

The Power Within has traveled through time to find you. It can transform your life – but only if you accept it!

You’re probably beginning to sense there’s something inside you that wants to take this step. Listen to your inner voice. Don’t delay. Take action now.